• Image of PHOTONA-Alabaster Inlay Tiger Panels CD

Portland, Oregon band Photona (fo-TAH-nah), comprised of veteran musicians Tone (vocals, sounds), Bentley (keyboards, guitars, vocals), and XavierX (drums, percussion, vocals), is proud to announce their debut album: Alabaster Inlay Tiger Panels.

Photona’s music probes the listener with tentacles of extraterrestrial sounds. A moody modern thought provoking ride through lush, spacey, goth inspired synth pop songs with vocals that fluctuate between desolate croons and gutsy wails. A lifetime of experiences drive Tones lyrical points home.

Selling Point: Ex members from Mr Bungle, The Daddies, Hungry Mob, Sweaty Nipples, Dutch Boy Fingers

Track Listing

Deep In The Dirt
Never Now
Very Temporary Control
Packed Away
Are Light
Haunted Spaceship In Space (The Ballad Of A Narcissist)
Up From The Floor





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